Over the years we have established a list of approved sub-contractors
whom we are confident can perform to the standards we and our clients
expect. We have a policy of never using Labour only sub-contractors
whenever possible.

Approved sub-contractors are asked to provide the following information
prior to acceptance.

· Copy Health & Safety Policy.
· Confirmation that their employees are adequately trained.
· Contract specific Risk Assessments/Method Statements.
· Construction Industry Scheme details.
· Current Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

We also check all Risk Assessments/Method Statements and COSHH assessments
provided by sub-contractors, which will be added to the on site Health and Safety Plan.

Any new sub-contractors would be asked to provide references and these would be checked. 
We would ensure their competence by checking their performance during our monthly on site
 auditing system.  Their performance would also be assessed at our weekly management meetings.

All sub-contractors are assessed post contract using key performance indicators to ensure they
meet the standards expected.